četrtek, 17. marec 2016

...dobrote iz Črenšovcev in pismo v Madrid...

Pred časom sem za gospo Monjo naredila angelčke za posebno priložnost in danes mi je poštar pripeljal prijetno presenečenje...
Najlepša HVALA od srca MONJA, vse bo prišlo zelo prav na naših ustvarjalnih delavnicah, rožice bomo uporabili že v torek, da bomo razveselili mamice za materinski dan...

Tudi Emilio je dobil pismo v Madrid, če želite mu pišite na naslov:
Emilio Fernandez Esteban
Avenida Juan de la Cierva, 44
28902 Getafe (Madrid)

My name is Emilio, I am a Spanish boy and I live in a town near to Madrid. I am a very interested person in knowing things so different as the culture, the way of life of the inhabitants of our planet, the fauna, the flora, and the landscapes of all the countries of the world etc. in summary, I am a person that enjoys traveling, learning and respecting people's diversity from all over the world.

I would love to travel and meet in person all the aspects above mentioned, but unfortunately as this is very expensive and my purchasing power is quite small, so I devised a way to travel with the imagination in every corner of our planet. A few years ago I started a collection of used stamps because through them, you can see pictures about fauna, flora, monuments, landscapes etc. from all the countries. As every day is more and more difficult to get stamps, some years ago I started a new collection in order to get traditional letters addressed to me in which my goal was to get at least 1 letter from each country in the world. This modest goal is feasible to reach in the most part of countries, but unfortunately, it is impossible to achieve in other various territories for several reasons, either because they are very small countries with very few population, either because they are countries at war, either because they are countries with extreme poverty or because for whatever reason the postal system is not functioning properly.

For all this, I would ask you one small favor:
Would you be so kind as to send me a letter by traditional mail from Slovenia?

2 komentarja:

  1. Hi Natalija,

    Thank you very much for the nice letter that you sent to me from Slovenia, as I can see you have visited my blog and therefore you already have seen your letter published there.

    Thank you again for helping me in order to increase my collection of letters and stamps from whole world.

    I send again my sincere wishes of health and happiness to you and all your loved ones.

    A strong hug from Spain

    Emilio Fernandez

  2. ...with great pleasure...